Re edits of my first 2nd shooter experience

I decided to pick an old folder of images that I really loved from 2015. I was a 2nd shooter doing behind the scenes and auxiliary photos for a photoshoot in downtown. I have only shot models in a studio during a lighting class, so this experience was a really exciting one for me. I loved being able to have a room full of natural bright light, the clothes and design were amazing to me! It was a major contrast to my music related recording studio or concert photos where the light is dark, the control is very limited or non existent (but still my favorite scenario to work in). As I re edited these I played around with things I normally do not factor in completely, like grain as a major element and some different color stories, sometimes I cant decide between black and white and color so here I will put both sometimes. An experiment it was and very fun to revisit :) 


Khruangbin - Cómo Te Quiero

Khruangbin - A Hymn

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